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Virtual Assistant 

Have quick, insightful, and direct help for less.

Administrative Support:

I would love to assist with general administrative tasks, such as managing email correspondence, scheduling meetings and appointments, organizing documents and files, and maintaining databases or contact lists. I can help streamline administrative processes and ensure effective communication within the organization.


Donor Management:

As a non-profit virtual assistant, I can assist with donor management, including maintaining donor databases, recording contributions, sending acknowledgements, and preparing reports on fundraising activities. They may also help with donor research and the identification of potential funding opportunities.​

Volunteer Management:

Many non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to support their initiatives. As a virtual assistant, I can assist with volunteer management, including recruitment, onboarding, scheduling, and coordinating volunteer activities. I can also help maintain volunteer databases and communicate with volunteers regarding opportunities or updates.

​General Support:

I want to help you for less! Let me provide general support as needed, such as answering phone calls, responding to inquiries, drafting and editing documents, and assisting with financial record-keeping or budgeting tasks

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